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Bill Henderson has been pushing the envelope of technology education in Canada for over two decades.

In 1997 Bill (William) received the Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Teaching. These annual national awards recognize the commitment and achievements of teachers who are leading the way in preparing their students for the new, knowledge-based economy.

Students in Bill's 3D Animation program have received gold medals at the Skills Canada Provincial Level 8 out of the last 9 years running. Since 1996, at the Skills Canada National Level, his students have taken home 5 out of 9 gold medals, and 11 medals out of a possible 27 in total (5 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze).

In 2005, Skills Canada BC created the Duncan McRae Award for Outstanding Dedication and Commitment to Skills BC. Bill was the first person to receive this award.

Of all the up-and-coming Canadian 3D modelers/animators (under 19) that have been entering the workforce since 1996, 90% of British Columbia's recognized best and over half of Canada's recognized best have come from Bill's DC/DXLAB program.

But most importantly, Bill's students get hired in the industry. Check out what they have to say about our program.




Skills Canada Computer Animation
BC Gold, National Bronze - Patty Chomseng, Monica Sivongsa


Skills Canada Computer Animation
BC Gold, National Gold - Patty Chomseng, Conor Nolan


Skills Canada Computer Animation
BC Gold, National Gold - Daniel Doerksen, Alex Jackson
BC Silver - Matt Vogt, Ryan Symonds


Skills Canada Computer Animation
BC Gold, National Bronze - Jon Snyder, Trevor Melanson
BC Silver - Dan Harrison, Cathryn Penner


Skills Canada Computer Animation
BC Gold, National Silver - Dan Harrison, Sean Lang


Skills Canada Computer Animation
BC Gold, National Gold - Sean McMurchy, Chris Holbrow
BC Silver - Aaron Glendinning, Dan Harrison

Skills Canada Website Design
BC Silver - Dean Little, Jeff Bachman


Skills Canada Computer Animation
BC Gold, National Gold - Daryl Willms, Mark Nicholson

Skills Canada Website Design
BC Silver - Dean Little, Jeff Bachman


Skills Canada Computer Animation
BC Bronze - Daryl Willms, Sean McMurchy


Skills Canada Computer Animation
BC Gold, National Gold - Corey O'Brien, Eric Madill


Skills Canada Computer Animation
BC Silver, National Gold - Mike Olson, Mike Thompson
BC Gold, National Silver - Brendan Cohoe, Dustin Lansdown

Skills Canada Website Design
BC Bronze, National Silver - Eric Bickle


Skills Canada Computer Animation
BC Bronze, National Gold - Jason "Rufus" Roubos, Drew Davenport
BC Gold, National Silver - Joe Crawford, Brent Kirby
BC Silver, National Bronze - Corey O'Brien, Mike Thompson


Skills Canada Computer Animation
BC Gold, National Silver - Joe Crawford, Brent Kirby

Note: Skills Canada is a national, not-for-profit organization that actively promotes careers in skilled trades and technologies to Canadian youth. It holds annual competitions available to all schools across Canada in a wide range of areas including computer animation.


Past Graduate Quotes

"The program that Bill Henderson has created was/is crucial to my career. 100 percent credit goes to Bill Henderson. In my opinion, he has created an unrivaled learning environment."
- Eric Testroete, EA Black Box, Graduate 2000

"Bill Henderson and his program are completely responsible for my career."
- Michael Ferraro, Graduate 1995
Animator, Director, Mainframe Entertainment 1995-2001
Animation Lead, Electronic Arts 2001-2005

"Amazing program. Amazing teacher. These days a student needs every advantage they can get. Bill Henderson was mine. With the line between production facility and classroom blurred I felt like I already had experience before I graduated. Under Mr. Henderson I became a dynamic learner, which is important in an industry that is constantly reinventing itself. I know that any success I have had is because of Bill Henderson and what he has taught me."
- Mike Olson, Lead Modeler - Cars, EA Black Box, Graduate 1997

"The DC course not only introduced me to CG graphics and film studies, the course also provided me with skills required for independent learning. These have helped tremendously in the work place as they allow me to keep my knowledge current in an ever evolving industry."
- Eric Madill, Radical Entertainment, Graduate 1999

"In all the training and education I have received in my life, whether it was in school or in the workforce, nobody has inspired me to achieve my potential more than Bill Henderson. I believe that the greatest thing I learned from him, and from the excellent program that he runs, is the ability to 'teach myself.' Anyone can memorize a set of instructions, but to help someone realize that they have the potential to create something no one else has, that takes something special!"
- Brent Kirby, EA Black Box, Graduate 1997

“In Bill’s classes, I learned important communication skills through actual client relations. This has helped me as a businessman and as a teacher. I came to truly understand what it meant to finish a job, and prioritize for deadlines, so that our productions could be seen by an actual audience. More than anything else, Bill’s classes taught me to be self-motivated and self-reliant, to learn and work independently, so that I will always be able to improve my own skills. I would strongly recommend the DXLab program to anyone. It can be a life changing experience. It was for me.”
- Joe Crawford, owner Joetainment Enterprises & Celestine Studios, Graduate 1997

"Bill Henderson and his teachings are solely responsible for my success after High School. Before joining the Design Communications Lab, I was an underachieving student one year behind my peers. His attitude and direction towards education motivated me into the career I enjoy today, while being proud I left Robert Bateman as an Honor Role Graduate"
- Brendan Cohoe, Lead Technical Artist EA Black Box, Graduate 1998

"The DXLab is the next generation in schooling, any school can teach you skills, only DXLab gives you the freedom to grow."
- Daryl, AbbyPCDoctor, Graduate 2001

"The ability to grow as an individual and hone my skills under the tutelage of Mr. Henderson is one of my proudest memories. The endless experience of the conjoined minds, combined with the invaluable resources of the DC/DXLab, allowed me to develop my true ability as a video production artist. The resources of the DC/DXLab continue to help to this very day, and for that I am grateful."
- DJ Temple, Chief Video Production Consultant -
Sun Hang Do Martial Arts, Graduate 2001

"Mr. Henderson allowed each of us to explore and find our own voice in our work. He truly inspired each student to work from their own motivation. I look back upon my time in the program with fondness and pride at the accomplishments of my classmates, past and present. Mr. Henderson is a teacher second to none, a teacher any student would be lucky to have."
- Mark Dyck, Highschool Teacher, Graduate 1995

"A positive learning environment, where I wasn't treated differently because I was one of only a few girls. The teaching there was influential in my decision to leave Computer Science and switch to studying New Media."
- Danielle O'Connor, 3rd Year BFA (New Media) at the University of Lethbridge, Graduate 2000

Further Acclaim
"You’re employable directly out of the DXLab... Compared to other high schools it’s very rare that you’re going to see something as highly developed elsewhere, so it’s very unique and special that a student can come here and get this high end of training and get placed at Electronic Arts directly out of high school, it’s just not heard of... This is the future role model of how all high schools should go in my opinion."
- Paul Norman, Discreet Products, Education Manager - Americas

"Students in the DXLab are the kinds of self directed creative folks you would want to hire. Bill prepares his students to continuously reach for higher levels of achievement."
Alan November, Masters in Education

"Bill has been the father of animation for the B.C. school system. He has always been encouraging to the new teachers wishing to get involved in Animation. He has been generous with his time and advice to all who express interest. With the start of his new lab he is again far out in front of the rest of us, showing us what is possible. If I was reduced to summing Bill up in one phrase, it would be 'HE IS TOP DRAWER.' "
- Dave Coad, Animation Instructor, Timberline Secondary

"Is there anything these guys don't know about computers? Totally pleased with my dealing with the DXLab. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any of my associates. Keep up the good work!"
- Scott Way, Beyond Mars

"I am impressed with the work produced by Bill's talented young team of students. I asked for a website to be designed with some guidelines of what I wanted. I was pleased with the results and now have a presence on this wide world of the web where my customers can look me up for information and updates. I have been complimented by other designers of the layout and look of the site. Thanks Bill!"
- Christine Caldwell,


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